Episode 296 – Scott Usher

Scott is an Accountant & Actor Scott Usher returns to the podcast from episode #61 to talk about his recent performances as a theatre actor, how having connections with colleagues can make you more effective at your job, and examples […]


Episode 282 – Nick Nappo

Nick is a Marketing Specialist & Actor Nick Nappo returns to the podcast from episode 135 to talk about his shift in hobbies from competitive trivia to theater acting! He also talks about how his acting experience helps with his […]


Episode 263 – Mark Violi

Mark is a Digital Marketing Professional, Actor & Playwright Mark Violi been in over 25 plays also movies and TV. He is a member of SAG-AFTRA. Mark also writes screenplays and has optioned several scripts to Hollywood as well as […]


Episode 256 – Drew Carrick

Drew is a CPA & Rapper Drew is the AVP for Finance at LIU, and the founder of The Rapping CPA – a creative content development service for businesses, individuals and organizations. While he loves data analytics, process management, and […]


Episode 211 – Crystal Shin

Crystal is a Business Developer & Stage Performer Crystal Shin, Director of Business Development at Goldin Peiser & Peiser, talks about her passion for acting and dancing on stage and how it has helped her skills in engaging new clients […]