Episode 445 – Shannon Weinstein

Shannon is an Accountant & Fitness Professional Shannon Weinstein, owner of Fitnancial Solutions, talks about finding her passion for fitness and dancing, how she integrated it into her work as an accountant, and how she found ways for her organization […]


Episode 433 – Amiee Keenan

Amiee is a Marketer & Fitness Guru Amiee Keenan, founder of The ISV Society, talks about her passion for health & fitness, how it improves her performance in the office, and how she has developed relationships in the office through […]


Episode 299 – Michelle Weinstein

Michelle is a Sales Strategist & Fitness Guru Michelle Weinstein, The Pitch Queen and host of the Abundant Accountant podcast, talks about her passion for fitness and how it improves her life both personally and professionally. She also talks about […]