Episode 507 – Andrew Lassise

Andrew is an IT Professional & Teetotaler & Golfer Andrew Lassise, founder of TECH 4 Accountants, talks about his journey to sobriety, developing business relationships on the golf course, how his sobriety affected his business relationships, and much more! Episode […]


Episode 439 – Chris Hervochon

Chris is an Accountant & Golfer Chris Hervochon, owner of Better Way CPA, talks about his passion for golfing, his college golfing career, and how his experience in golf has helped him in his career as a CPA and entrepreneur! […]


Episode 280 – Eric Johnson

Eric is a CEO & Basketball Coach Eric Johnson, CEO of Nintex, returns to the podcast from episode 49 to talk about his newfound passion in coaching for his kids’ basketball teams as well as being an avid basketball fan himself! […]


Episode 272 – Paul Meissner

Paul is an Accountant & Curler & Golfer Paul Meissner returns to the podcast from episode 88 to talk about his continued passion in curling, finding a new hobby in golf, giving up umpiring, and why he feels accounting is […]


Episode 264 – Scott Duda

Scott is a CPA & Golfer & Ohio State Buckeyes Fan Scott returns to the podcast  from episode 78 to talk about his ongoing passion for Buckeyes football and how he utilizes his favorite football team, his favorite rock band, […]


Episode 220 – Greg Papineau

Greg is an Accountant & Deacon Deacon Greg Papineau returns to the podcast to talk about his many passions including helping people as both a deacon and an accountant, as well as golfing, and his family! Greg gives us an […]