Episode 505 – Maggie Johndrow

Maggie is a Wealth Manager & Tennis Player Maggie Johndrow, managing partner of Johndrow Wealth Management, talks about how she got into tennis at an early age, coming back to it after 15 years, how her skills in tennis translate […]


Episode 455 – Shawn Parikh

Shawn is a CEO & Cricket Player & Tennis Player Shawn Parikh, Founder and CEO of Entigrity Solutions LLC., talks about his passion for playing Cricket and Tennis, and how he finds time to do activities with his family on […]


Episode 316 – Tom Wheeland

Tom is an Accountant & Griller Tom Wheeland returns to the podcast from episode 138 to talk about his new passion in cooking and grilling! He also talks about how important it is for a leader to be open and […]


Episode 254 – Belicia Cespedes

Belicia is a CPA & Snowboarder Belicia returns to the podcast from episode 37 to update us on her latest hobbies including snowboarding, travelling, and going to the shooting range! She also talks about how she has noticed a change […]