619 – Lindsey Kane Leaverton

Lindsey is a Wealth Manager & Writer & Musician

Wealth Management Director and Author Lindsey Kane Leaverton joins host John Garrett to discuss the intersection of her financial expertise and her passion for creativity. Lindsey shares insights from her book "Not Another Self-Help Book," reflecting on the role of songwriting and writing in her personal healing journey. She delves into the unexpected positive impact her book has had on her clients, revealing the importance of authenticity in professional and personal spheres. Lindsey's love for Life cereal, dark chocolate-dipped waffle cones, and an out-of-tune green piano is also on full display. Through her candid conversation, she illustrates the enriching power of embracing one's creative side. The episode showcases Lindsey as a prime example of living the "What's Your 'And'?" philosophy, blending professional drive with personal passions.

Episode Highlights

· Lindsey uses writing and songwriting as tools for healing and self-expression, especially during the COVID pandemic, leading her to publish her book “Not Another Self Help Book.”
· She shares her experiences of the challenges and rewards of bringing her full, creative self to her professional environment and how it positively influenced her relationships with colleagues and clients.
· Lindsey leverages her creative talents in her role as a wealth manager, enhancing her ability to connect with clients and provide effective financial planning services.
· Despite her initial hesitation, Lindsey’s personal and creative book project has been embraced by her clients, revealing the impact and appreciation for her authenticity and the integrated experience she offers through her writing and music.

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Podcast Transcript

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:00:05]:
This is Lindsay Kane Leverton. And when I’m not writing books or making people laugh, I’m listening to John Garrett on What’s Your “And”?

John Garrett [00:00:13]:
Welcome to episode 619 of What’s Your And. This is John Garrett. And each Wednesday, I interview a professional who, just like me, is known for a hobby or a passion or an interest outside of work. And to put it another way, it’s encouraging people to find their and. Those things above and beyond your technical skills are things that actually differentiate you when you’re at work. It’s the answer to the question of who else are you beyond the job title. And if you like what the show is about, be sure to check out the award winning book on Amazon, Indigo, Barnes and Noble, Book Shop, a few other websites. All the links are at www.WhatsYourAnd.com.

John Garrett [00:00:49]:
The book goes more in-depth with the research behind why these outside work passions are so crucial to your corporate culture. And I can’t say how much it means that everyone’s reading it and writing such great reviews on Amazon. Thank you so much for those. And more importantly, changing the cultures where they work because of it. If you want me to read it to you, that’s right, this voice reading the book. Look for What’s Your “And”? on Audible or wherever you get your audiobooks. And please don’t forget to hit subscribe to the podcast so you don’t miss any of the future episodes. I love sharing such interesting stories each and every week, and this week is no different with my guest, Lindsay Kane Leverton.

John Garrett [00:01:22]:
She’s a director of wealth management services at a boutique financial planning firm in Austin, Texas and the author of Not Another Self Help Book. And now she’s with me here today. Lindsay, thanks so much for taking time to be with me on What’s Your “And”?

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:01:35]:
Thank you, John. I have been so excited, and I’m even more excited after the shenanigans we just got into in the intro. So I’m pumped up.

John Garrett [00:01:44]:
Right? I should’ve hit record before we did the intro, and then it would have been an amazing show. But, I think it’s gonna go up from here. It’s this is gonna be good. We’re gonna we’re gonna take it to a new level. I can feel it. I can feel it.

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:01:54]:
I love it.

John Garrett [00:01:55]:
Some rapid fire questions. Get to know Lindsay out of the gate here. Alright. We’re buckled in. Here we go. This is a slam dunk. I can tell. Your favorite cats or

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:02:04]:
dogs? Dogs.

John Garrett [00:02:06]:
All day. Yeah.

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:02:07]:
All day long. Nothing against the cat people. Love y’all. You’d serve a very valid purpose, but I also have a hedgehog, and I would take him any day over a cat.

John Garrett [00:02:17]:
Oh, wow. Okay. Yeah. Maybe I should throw that in. Cats, dogs, or hedgehogs. Then it’s like, I don’t know.

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:02:22]:
Maybe a crocodile, you know, for our Florida people. Are there alligators? I don’t know which ones are there.

John Garrett [00:02:28]:
Everybody’s happy. Everybody’s happy. Like, do you have a favorite actor or an actress?

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:02:32]:
Oh my gosh. Bradley Cooper. As you’ll find in the book, I am openly gay, but Bradley Cooper is the one man who, if I ever met him in a dark alley, I’m laying on a big old smooch. I don’t care what anyone says.

John Garrett [00:02:47]:
There you go. I love it. That’s awesome. Toilet purple roll, we going over or under?

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:02:52]:
Always over. I don’t does anyone stay under on the, like, who hurt you?

John Garrett [00:02:56]:
You know who does? The cat people. That’s who. Well, well, I’m I’m serious. I’m dead serious. Like, actually, it’s very funny, but also, like yeah. Like

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:03:06]:
Okay. That trap.

John Garrett [00:03:07]:
Because I guess the cats, like I don’t

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:03:09]:
know. This makes sense. Yeah. They do their paw, and they unroll it all like my kids do.

John Garrett [00:03:13]:
Yeah. Right. See? Exactly. That’s exactly it. Do you perform hot or cold?

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:03:18]:
Cold all day long. I hate heat. I grew up in Texas. And every summer, when it’s 3 months worth of, you know, triple degree heat, I always, always wanna move to Colorado. And then 41 years later, I’m still stuck here dying of heat and living in hell on earth.

John Garrett [00:03:36]:
I I might know somebody in Colorado that can help you with that. But Oh,

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:03:40]:
John, it’s weird that you haven’t invited me to your mountain home. I don’t even know if you have one, but I hope you do. And then invite me because I’m really good at skiing.

John Garrett [00:03:47]:
After this episode, I’m gonna have 2 mountain homes. It’s gonna be amazing. This is a rocket ship. Like, this is it. How about puzzles, Sudoku, crossword, or jigsaw puzzle?

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:03:56]:
Oh my gosh. Okay. Crosswords and jigsaw would have to be tied for first, but I’m obsessed with crossword puzzles. I used to do them with my granny growing up. I probably do them almost every day, so I love them.

John Garrett [00:04:09]:
That’s incredible. I love it. That’s awesome. How about a favorite color?

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:04:13]:

John Garrett [00:04:14]:
Green? Nice. How about a least favorite color?

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:04:18]:
Oh, like a mauve that used to be cool and, like, eighties shag carpet? I can’t get down with that color. It makes me a little bit nauseous.

John Garrett [00:04:27]:
Right. Okay. We’ll move on. I don’t wanna hang out there too long. How about a favorite number?

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:04:32]:

John Garrett [00:04:32]:
7. Is there a reason?

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:04:34]:
I think just forever it’s been 7. 23, 33, 11, 11. I have so many, but I’d have to go with 7.

John Garrett [00:04:41]:
Yeah. I like it. No. That’s great. How about chocolate or vanilla?

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:04:46]:
Oh my gosh. Shame on you. Dark chocolate.

John Garrett [00:04:48]:
Oh, dark chocolate. Fancy. Fancy.

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:04:52]:
I am so fancy.

John Garrett [00:04:54]:
No. I like it. That’s good. Alright. Since you’re in the financial space, do you prefer more stocks or bonds?

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:05:00]:
Oh, you gotta have a mix of both, John. You gotta have that good print on your tire in in the fixed income space. Come on. But it depends on your risk tolerance time horizon and overall financial objectives.

John Garrett [00:05:10]:
I feel like someone’s practiced that answer. I should’ve asked you a different one. Alright. How about a a favorite cereal from when you were a kid or now?

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:05:16]:
Life. Whatever.

John Garrett [00:05:17]:
Oh. Mhmm.

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:05:19]:
And not the cinnamon. I don’t eat anything fancy. Just light cereal and some whole milk.

John Garrett [00:05:24]:
Oh, okay. Alright.

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:05:26]:
Kind of a passion. The milk gets trapped in those little life squares, and it just feels like, you know, I’m living my best life while eating the cereal.

John Garrett [00:05:35]:
This is fantastic. I like it. Star Wars or Star Trek?

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:05:39]:
Oh, I love both. To be honest with you, I’m gonna have to go Star Wars, though. But I’m a huge fan of both. Oh, we got a

John Garrett [00:05:45]:
couple more. Your computer, PC or a Mac?

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:05:48]:
PC only because I’m forced by my company.

John Garrett [00:05:50]:
Oh, okay.

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:05:51]:
But if I had my druthers, I might go Mac.

John Garrett [00:05:54]:
Yeah. Yeah. I I think PC is kind of a every company, I think, is how that goes. Do you have a favorite movie? Any movie? Bridesmaids. Oh, great movie. Yeah. That’s a

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:06:04]:
good movie. Yep.

John Garrett [00:06:05]:
Very good. Yeah. There’s a friend of mine, Jimmy Brogan, who is the the one that does the wedding at the very end. He’s the the minister that oversees the wedding.

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:06:13]:
Oh my gosh. That’s incredible.

John Garrett [00:06:16]:
A super funny comedian. Yeah.

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:06:17]:
I’m gonna start hooking up to you so that maybe someday I can meet him.

John Garrett [00:06:22]:
He’s at the very end. Like, if you blinked, you might miss it, but he’s certainly

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:06:25]:
not there. And he’s got

John Garrett [00:06:26]:
speaking role. He’s, yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:06:28]:
I’m over there. 850 times, so I probably would recognize him on the street. Like, that’s the guy.

John Garrett [00:06:35]:
That’s so great. Yeah. No. Absolutely. Yeah. Jimmy Brogan. Totally. Ice cream, you going in a cup or in a cone?

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:06:40]:
Cone always.

John Garrett [00:06:42]:

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:06:42]:
If I’m feeling you know, because it’s like, okay. If you’re doing ice cream, you wanna do it all the way. You know? You don’t wanna do it, and then I just need a cup. Like, I want a waffle cone that’s been dipped in dark chocolate, throw in some sprinkles.

John Garrett [00:06:55]:
Now we’re talking. There we go. Yeah. Maybe some life cereal if we can get that in a life cereal cone. Now we’re talking

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:07:03]:
Why are you doing podcasts? Why don’t you have your own cooking show on the Food Network?

John Garrett [00:07:08]:
Actually, this is the end of the What’s Your Ann podcast. The show’s over. The season is like, the whole thing’s over. I’m done. I’m making life cereal cones now. Like, it’s He’s

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:07:17]:
throwing papers in the air, everyone. You can’t see it, but he is done. Close enough.

John Garrett [00:07:22]:
This is it. I don’t even have any. My hand is also my thing. It’s making life cereal cones. And the last one, the favorite thing you have or the favorite thing you own?

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:07:32]:
Holy smoke stacks. Okay. That’s a really tough one, John. My favorite thing that I own. I’m gonna have to go with my green piano that is in my formal dining room. I love everything about it. I sing on it. I write songs on it.

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:07:49]:
It is out of tune. It it sounds just so bad that it’s perfect. You know what I mean?

John Garrett [00:07:54]:
Yeah. Absolutely. No. That’s so great. I can just see how, like, it lights you up. Yeah.

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:07:59]:
It does. My favorite color and music and, you know, and it it’s really weird. It’s like a balloon animal statue of a dog. Very strange, but it’s just the cutest little thing. His nose is, you know, as if he was a balloon animal.

John Garrett [00:08:14]:
Yeah. Yeah. That’s awesome.

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:08:15]:
So weird. I love it. You’re gonna be questioning why you had me on your podcast in about 10 minutes.

John Garrett [00:08:19]:
No. No. Not at all. Not at all. This is fantastic. And, we’re just getting started everybody. So, this is gonna be awesome. So let’s talk.

John Garrett [00:08:27]:
I mean, that that lends perfectly to that whole creative Lindsey, but especially the writing side of you. And, like, how did that get started?

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:08:36]:
Oh my goodness. So I think for me, I have a lot of pent up trauma and painful experiences that you’ll read about in the book, and writing songs was always a way that I would heal, heal from heartbreak. You know, a good heartbreak album is unlike anything else musically speaking. And at the beginning of COVID, I just started writing and journaling. And after my therapy appointments, I would just download what was I made aware of that I maybe didn’t know. And then I worked with an executive coach who also was strangely really good at kind of healing and digging into, you know, unresolved trauma. And so that just became the impetus for typing, typing, writing, writing, writing, and it helped me heal. It was the way that I survived COVID, and I I joke around a lot.

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:09:30]:
But when I say that sentence, I don’t know if I could have survived COVID without being able to write and get everything into what is now this book that’s in the world.

John Garrett [00:09:41]:
That’s powerful. I mean, and and especially that, like, you didn’t intend to write a book. It just came out. You were just literally trying to stay sane in a crazy world in your life and all of it. What what was the point where you’re like, hey. Maybe other people should read this. You know? Let’s make it a book.

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:10:00]:
Yeah. It was at the beginning of COVID. I think it was March. I mean, right at the beginning, 2020, I was meditating. And instead of what I usually do meditating, which is make my grocery list and then get frustrated that I’m making my grocery list when it says meditating, I had this very clear impression. You can call it a calling. You can call it, you know, the universe spoke to me. What I don’t care what you use.

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:10:26]:
There was no option not to write the book. I just knew it’s time to write the book was the clear message I got, and I didn’t know what it would look like. I really did not have the end in mind at all. I just started writing. And as I continued writing, you know, I I started working with a publishing company, and then we had a table of contents and started building out the book that then really became this experience. So it’s not just a book. There’s 16 chapters. Every chapter is the gift of blank and the gift of, you know, loss, anger, heartbreak, tragedy, trauma, things that you typically don’t think would have a gift in them.

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:11:10]:
And then in between each chapter, it’s a dense book. It’s not a quick read, so I wanted people to have time to process what they just read. So in between every chapter is an adult coloring book page that I designed so that people can doodle color while they’re thinking about what they just read. And then there’s a QR code that leads the reader to one of my original songs that I’ve written at some point in the past. Some are old, some are relatively new, and the song aligns with the chapter. So it’s really like you’re walking through this, you know, book that’s self help, personal development, memoir esque, and then you’ve got an adult coloring book and a full original album.

John Garrett [00:11:51]:
It’s like being inside Lindsay’s brain.

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:11:53]:
Which can be terrifying.

John Garrett [00:11:55]:
Right. No. But there’s no out. So there’s no end to the book, everyone listening. Should you start the book? It’s Hotel California ish. There’s no out. So no. No.

John Garrett [00:12:03]:
Of course I love it.

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:12:05]:
Hotel that’s good. So my editor said war and peace.

John Garrett [00:12:08]:
Well, you like, it ends exactly as it begins, and then everyone’s like, wait. Did I read this already? Wait. What? And it’s just this infinite matrix style loop.

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:12:19]:
Like, the Groundhog Day of

John Garrett [00:12:20]:
the These pages are already colored. I’ve been here before.

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:12:23]:
Somebody’s been in my stuff. Oh, man. That’s hilarious.

John Garrett [00:12:28]:
No. That that’s awesome though. I mean and and because it it brings all of that creative Lindsay out. So I like that a lot. And is writing something natural? Was it something when you were a kid or previous in your life? Or was it more of that creative through music, it sounds like?

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:12:43]:
You know, it’s interesting that you asked that. I don’t think I’ve ever shared this, which doesn’t happen a lot because I feel like I share the same thing with people, and I fear constantly that I’m turning into my, you know, dad that tells the same stories over and over again. I love you, dad, if you’re like

John Garrett [00:12:59]:
But they’re really good stories.

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:13:00]:
I mean, they’re really good stories. The best stories. So when I was really young, I remember I loved writing. In school, I loved writing. My first short story that I wrote was I can’t believe I’m about to tell you this, and whoever listens to your podcast, it was called Body Bags, and it was a short story. It was a horror story. And I’m in elementary school. Like, I don’t know who hurt me or why I thought that’s what I needed to do.

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:13:27]:
I was very proud of it. I probably scared my teachers. So I’ve I’ve loved writing, but it really wasn’t until I started writing songs when I was 17 that I saw the healing benefits of getting out something that I felt was given to me. My friend used to say that she’s a song waiter, not a songwriter, because she would wait on the message. And that’s what I do with music and songwriting. And so I just, you know, did the same thing with writing the book. So much of it feels like it was inspired. Even when I was reading it for the audiobook, there were times when I thought, I can’t believe I wrote that.

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:14:08]:
That sounds like someone smart. And I don’t, you know I guess I did write it because, you know, nobody else is writing it. There’s no AI. Right? This is before AI came on the scene. But yeah. I don’t know. It’s just really exciting.

John Garrett [00:14:22]:
I love that. No. That’s that’s so great because, I mean, it’s a part that was inside you. It manifested itself in a different way for a long time. And then, you know, the writing side is like, no. No. No. Like, it doesn’t have to be put the music and rhyme or whatever, you know, like,

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:14:36]:
typical songs. Right.

John Garrett [00:14:37]:
You know, there’s this other side that, you know, let it out. Yeah. Right? And the less pressure, for sure.

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:14:41]:
It is. And it it allowed me to weave in humor, which is my probably my greatest passion is making people laugh. It’s my favorite thing on the planet. I secretly wanna be a stand up comedian whenever they determine that you can actually make a living, you know, doing that. But I love making people laugh. But being able to write, gosh, I’m able to unpack funny stories or funny anecdotes, you know, that have happened. So I just I love it. And I’m already continue to write, so I, technically, am already working on the second book, I suppose.

John Garrett [00:15:14]:
Oh, wow. Okay. Look at you. Like, now the pressure’s on. Okay, John. What you got? What you I’ve got ideas. That’s all I got right now.

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:15:21]:
Hey. You’ve got the life cereal waffle cone idea. Don’t sell yourself short. Shark Tank would pick up on that.

John Garrett [00:15:30]:
Hey. I don’t need Shark Tank. I don’t need any investment. I’m going straight to the top. What I am curious about though is how does this play out at work? Because through wealth management, probably a lot of creativity’s a little bit frowned upon. So, like, how does the creative side of you come out, or does it? Or do you keep them separate?

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:15:48]:
Oh my gosh. I don’t mean this to sound egotistical by any means, but I would say I’m a really great wealth manager because of my creativity. I I mean, so I bring it to work every single day. I mean, you know, talking about puzzles and making things fit, that’s financial planning. It’s bringing everything out on the table and then figuring out how you’re gonna organize it. You’re developing this blueprint and being able to communicate that clearly with clients. So for me, there’s no compartmentalization. I bring my full self, my creative, quirky self to work.

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:16:24]:
And then with the book, it’s interesting because I like to kinda keep that part of my life separate, and I don’t know how I felt about clients being able to read my book. I mean, it is extremely personal. Uh-huh. And with my clients, it’s about them. I don’t get into my stuff. You know? But our managing partner sent out a blast email when the book was released, and, I mean, many clients have gotten it and read it, and it has made an impact already in their lives. So that has been a a benefit I never expected was to get to also impact clients in this totally different way.

John Garrett [00:17:02]:
Yeah. Because I I feel like with so many of the people that I’ve talked to, that barrier of no one’s gonna care, I shouldn’t tell anyone is always in our head. And when we lit it out, it’s always fantastic. Like, we’re we’re always telling ourselves, like, we’re gonna get fired. No one wants to know. Like, they’re gonna, like, stop talking to me, like, I’m gonna be shunned in the corner of a prison or whatever and it the worst possible thing in our heads. And then when it’s out, it’s, like, it’s always awesome.

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:17:32]:
And even if it’s not, it’s okay. You know? Even if it’s not, whatever success measures somebody uses, for me, the success was in the process. It’s already a success for me because I did the damn thing, and I finished it, and it’s it happened. I mean, it’s crazy to me that it’s out. You know?

John Garrett [00:17:53]:
Right. That’s incredible. I love it. And I love that, you know, that the waves that it’s making and the impact that it’s had. And I imagine that the conversations are a little bit different now with clients and coworkers in in a positive way, in a more human way.

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:18:07]:
Yes. It is. Yes. And and I usually get pretty human with our clients because, you know, money is usually one of the closest things to folks’ hearts and thoughts and fears and anxieties. So to be able to even share it with clients that are struggling and say, hey. I’m not trying to plug anything. Just I really knowing you, I think this book will help you, and nobody’s turned me down yet. I mean, they can use it as fire kindle if, you know, it gets cold, they need something to burn.

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:18:37]:
It it makes a coaster if you don’t like you know, it fits 2 cups, maybe 3.

John Garrett [00:18:42]:
Right? Not that I’ve tried, but, like, it’s

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:18:45]:
if you saw my book right now yeah. No. Seriously, there there are 2 old because I just collect coffee mugs and crap on my desk. So, yeah, it is currently being used as a coaster.

John Garrett [00:18:56]:
They well, I mean, you’ve got a couple extras. So it’s good. But, no, it’s great to see that, you know, this outside of work Lindsay play in at work. And was there ever a part of you that thought, hey, maybe I shouldn’t share this creative side of me, whatever part that is, and only work, like, maybe when you were newer in your career?

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:19:15]:
I really struggled when I was just getting into my career to bring my full self to work because I am a creative. I mean, that is what I’ve always known, what I’ve always done. And when I got into the financial services industry, gosh, everybody seemed super boring. Like, oh, okay. Maybe creativity is a thing you just kinda, you know, tamper down. So for the first part of my career, I really didn’t talk about that part of me. But the more that I have, the more that it allows the people I’m talking to or working with to share what their creativity is. I mean, my clients are coming to me saying, oh, well, I love that you wrote this book.

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:19:58]:
I wrote a book 3 years ago, or I produced this TV show. I mean, so they’re sharing things with me I never knew before, which is really cool.

John Garrett [00:20:06]:
Yeah. That’s great. Because I was gonna ask, like, what was that tipping point? Our default mode for some reason is nah, nah, keep it. No one cares. Like, just keep it to yourself and do it outside of work. And God forbid, if you had to share with anyone that you had free time, that you weren’t spent doing more work, you know, type of thing. Was there a tipping point where you were just like, oops, I told and now I guess I gotta tell everybody?

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:20:30]:
Oh, I think it just I started sharing with people I felt comfortable with. It’s kind of like, you know, how my coming out journey was. I mean, you know, it’s not like everyone knew right away overnight that you know, because I was in full time ministry touring and singing as a worship leader, recording artist, and then I came out in 2009 and lost everything, lost my career. So there’s something about losing pretty much everything and not once, but twice and probably 2 and a half times if we think about what I’m going through currently with the divorce, just to be transparent with you. Those things are leading to me being fully authentic, integrated, not having to hide little pockets of myself, and it’s done nothing but help and solidify relationships.

John Garrett [00:21:20]:
No. That’s that’s true because, I mean, you’ve seen I’ve gone through this. Like, I’ve gone through this and Phoenix risen, you know, type of thing. It’s not the end. It feels like you’re approaching an end or it feels daunting. But then once you go through it, it’s like, we’re good. I’m gonna get through it. And then on the other side is that more authentic integrated you, and I love it, which is hard, I mean, for everyone.

John Garrett [00:21:45]:
I mean, you know, that’s maybe the goal of why we’re here. I’m not sure.

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:21:49]:
I mean, I think, yeah, to create, to love, to, you know, help people feel seen. That’s kinda my personal life’s mission. I hope that after someone has spent some time with me, they either have a little bit of their anxiety alleviated or maybe they, you know, smiled or laughed, because life is hard and life is gonna keep lifing. That’s really what the whole premise of the book is.

John Garrett [00:22:14]:
I love what you said earlier of it’s just more authentic you allows other people to feel at ease and be more authentic them. And in the end, we’re just making a better world, you know, which is what this show is all about.

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:22:29]:
I love that. And I love that you’re doing this. Thank you for what you do.

John Garrett [00:22:33]:
Hey. No. You’re welcome. And you’re also welcome for, the ice cream cones that are about to come out. So, like, it’s that’s actually not a joke. This is very serious. Like, this is not serious.

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:22:44]:
Don’t steal our idea.

John Garrett [00:22:46]:
Right? Exactly. Well, they’re already out between recording and when and this goes live. So don’t worry. They’re it’s already a thing. So yeah. So I feel like though before I wrap this up that it’s only fair that I turn the tables and allow you to rapid fire question me since I so rudely peppered you with questions at the beginning. So this is the first episode of the Lindsay Kane Leverton podcast. Thanks for having me on.

John Garrett [00:23:08]:
I’m all yours.

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:23:09]:
I love it. Okay. Thinking on my feet here. What is your guilty pleasure?

John Garrett [00:23:14]:
Oh, wow. Guilty pleasure. Man, that’s a good one. Maybe ice cream, like, it’s hard to turn it down. Like, I just can’t. Like, it’s like if somebody says, hey, let’s go for ice cream. Yeah. Like, if you’re on a diet, I’m not your friend to hang out with because I’m not the friend that’s gonna go, no.

John Garrett [00:23:31]:
We shouldn’t go for yeah. Two scoops. Let’s go. Like, it’s it’s

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:23:35]:
You’ve earned it. You’ve been on a diet for 30 days, so you’ve earned it. Let’s go get ice cream. Okay. Number 2, if you could travel with anyone in the world, who would you travel with and where would y’all go and why?

John Garrett [00:23:51]:
Lindsay Kane Leverton and all over the world to

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:23:56]:
I love it.

John Garrett [00:23:56]:
I’m just sucking up because it’s your show. That’s why. Oh, alright. Thank you.

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:24:01]:
About time I got some respect around here.

John Garrett [00:24:03]:
Comedy and music show? Oh. Everybody wins? Yeah, man. That’s a great question. Who would I travel with and why? Yeah. I mean, I I mean, I don’t know if this is super cheesy. But yeah. I mean, probably my partner, Natalia. I mean, she’s awesome.

John Garrett [00:24:21]:
We travel really well together, and we go all over, and it’s adventurous and it’s good. So yeah.

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:24:29]:
That’s not cheesy. That’s adorable.

John Garrett [00:24:32]:
Alright. Well, see, sounds the same to me, but either way, like, it’s

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:24:36]:
Oh, okay. That’s fair. It’s super manly, and you should be so proud. Okay.

John Garrett [00:24:42]:
I’m totally kidding.

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:24:43]:
Like I love it. Okay. Last question. You’re a Coloradoan. How do you is it a Coloradoan? Is that how you say it?

John Garrett [00:24:51]:
Yeah. That works. They’re big on Colorado native, which I am not a native. You have to be born on the dirt. If you moved here at 2 weeks old, not a native. And I’m like, whatevs.

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:25:03]:
Doesn’t count at all. So skiing or snowboarding?

John Garrett [00:25:07]:
Snowboarding. There’s less axes for the ankle to, go all over. Like skiing, you have 2 that could be x y z all over axes. Snowboarding, they’re locked in and it’s, yeah, forward or backwards just make fists so when you fall, you don’t break your wrist. And you can also punch the little kids that are flying by you with no poles.

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:25:30]:
I love that. Punching children and hold on. Let me just update my bingo card here. Okay.

John Garrett [00:25:36]:
I’m pretty sure we hit bingo during this episode. And if we didn’t, you need a new card because we hit all of the things.

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:25:42]:
I love it.

John Garrett [00:25:43]:
We got body bags. We got punching kids. We got, like, ice cream cones.

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:25:48]:
I love it. This feels so complete.

John Garrett [00:25:50]:
This is a trip down memory lane. I feel like we need a Sarah McLaughlin song right now to just Yeah. Bring it all together.

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:25:59]:
Yeah. I hope you didn’t have to get copyright for what I just did. My bad.

John Garrett [00:26:03]:
No. No. She doesn’t listen, so we’re good. But that’s so great to have you be a part of this, Lindsay. And and thank you so much for just being a living example of what What’s Your “And”? is all about. So thank you so much.

Lindsey Kane Leaverton [00:26:14]:
Thank you. I really appreciate it.

John Garrett [00:26:20]:
Yeah. And everybody listening, if you wanna see some pictures of Lindsay being creative or some of the stuff she’s done or maybe her green piano. I don’t know. We’ll see how crazy we get, or grab a copy of Not Another Self Help Book. Be sure to go to www.WhatsYourAnd.com. All the links are there. You can connect with her on social media as well. And while you’re on the page, please click that big button to the anonymous research survey about corporate culture.

John Garrett [00:26:41]:
So thanks again for subscribing on Apple Podcasts or whatever app you use, and for sharing this with your friends, so they get the message that we’re all trying to spread, that who you are is so much more than what you do.

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