Episode 111 – Guy Pearson

Guy rides the waves to better coworker connections


Guy Pearson likes to work. A lot. He started his own firm, Interactive Accounting, one of the first cloud accounting firms in Australia, and a few years later, he started Practice Ignition. He spends so much time with both that he refers to one as his wife and the other, his mistress. When he was younger, he liked to play rugby, but because he’s had to start both companies from the ground up, he hasn’t had much time for hobbies or passions – something that he now realizes needs to change. So he’s being more intentional with making time for surfing, playing basketball, and going to concerts with friends.

In this episode, Guy and I talk about how important culture is to a firm or company. He says, “You can train everything else, but you can’t train someone to be a good fit for your culture.” Therefore, during the interview process, he’s sure to ask questions that lead to candidates letting their personality out by sharing their hobbies or passions. He thinks coworker relationships are so important, he flies the entire global team to Sydney each April for their internal conference.

Guy Pearson is the CEO and Chief Ignitioneer of Practice Ignition. He’s also the founder and Non-Executive Director of Interactive Accounting P/L in Sydney, Australia.

He graduated from Macquarie University with a BCom, Accounting, Demographics degree and later completed the CA Graduate Program with the Institute of Chartered Accountants.

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Santa pub crawl for charity with mates from all around the world (incl. the U)

Guy has always loved music

Guy likes to have a casual drink

Riding a standing wave in durban

Guy has always loved music


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