Episode 199 – Lisa Channell

Lisa is an accountant and true crime fan

Lisa Channell is a Certified Professional Bookkeeper specializing in cloud bookkeeping. Lisa is the owner of Bonfire Bookkeeping.

Lisa talks about her passion for true crime, how she indulges in this passion, and how it can fuel both her curiosity and anxiety! Lisa also discusses how she applies this detective-like passion in the office by helping her gain skills in finding clues. Lisa also applies this passion through an interactive game among her team members to promote internal interaction!

Episode Highlights

• Getting into true crime
• Listening to podcasts about true crime
• Arm chair detectives
• How her curiosity in true crime applies to her work as a bookkeeper
• Responses from talking about her passion in the workplace or anywhere
• True crime as a topic of discussion overall in recent years
• Why individuals are responsible for connecting with clients and co-workers within an organization
• Applying her passion towards team building in the office

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