Episode 599 – Mike Gillis

Mike is a CEO & Lake Life Enthusiast

Mike Gillis, CEO of DMJPS, a CPA and advisory firm in North Carolina, joins John Garrett on this episode of What's Your "And"? Mike talks about his passion for lake life and how it's become a huge part of his personal and professional life. His dedication to promoting work-life balance and employee engagement, along with his advocacy for sharing personal interests in the workplace, creates a positive atmosphere for his staff. Mike's commitment to encouraging a culture that values people's interests beyond work serves as an inspiration and encouragement for leaders looking to prioritize employee well-being and satisfaction.

Episode Highlights

• Getting into lake life
• Lake life activities
• Why it is important to have something that disconnects you from work
• How DMJPS PLLC is employee-centric
• Why it is more on the organization to provide a more open culture at work

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Podcast Transcript

Mike Gillis [00:00:05]:

Hey. I’m Mike Gillis. When I am at the lake enjoying the lake life, I’m also listening to John Garrett on What’s Your “And”?

John Garrett [00:00:11]:

Welcome to Episode 599 of What’s Your “And”? This is John Garrett and each Wednesday, I interview a professional who, just like me, It’s known for a hobby or a passion or an interest outside of work. And to put it another way, it’s encouraging people to find their and. Those things above and beyond your technical skills, the things that actually differentiate you when you’re at work, it’s the answer to the question of who else are you Beyond the job title. If you like what the show’s about, be sure to check out the award-winning book. It’s on Amazon, Indigo, Barnes and Noble Bookshop, a few other websites. All the links are at what’s it’s your an.com. The book goes more in-depth on the research behind why these outside-of-work passions are so crucial to your corporate culture, and I can’t see how much it means that everyone’s reading it and writing such great reviews on Amazon and, more importantly, changing the cultures where they work because of it.

John Garrett [00:01:06]:

And if you want me to read it to you, that’s right. This voice reading the book, look for What’s Your “And”? on Audible or wherever you get your audiobooks. And please don’t forget to hit subscribe to the podcast. You don’t miss any of the future episodes, I love sharing such interesting stories each and every weekend. This week is no different with my guest, Mike Gilles. He’s the CEO of DMJPS, a CPA and advisory firm in North Carolina. And now he’s with me here today. Mike, thanks so much for taking time to be with me on What’s Your “And?”.

Mike Gillis [00:01:33]:

Oh, thanks, John. I’ve really been looking forward to this a lot. I really appreciate the opportunity for sure.

John Garrett [00:01:38]:

Oh, this is gonna be awesome. We’ve hung out several times. I’ve worked with DMJPS. It’s been so much fun and, I have 17 rapid fire questions that I’ve never asked you before. So I’m, excited to get to know Mike below the surface here a little bit.

Mike Gillis [00:01:50]:

Sounds good. I’m ready to roll.

John Garrett [00:01:53]:

Here we go. Simple one. Do you have a favorite color?

Mike Gillis [00:01:56]:

So I’m gonna say gray. Now I know that’s boring and sort of CPA ish, but, you know, we work in gray areas, so I’m gonna say gray

John Garrett [00:02:03]:

Okay. You’re getting deep on me there. Okay. I I see what you mean. Yeah. I mean, at least you didn’t say khaki. I mean, that would have been more CPA ish, probably. Probably.

John Garrett [00:02:13]:

Yeah. Right? How about a least favorite color?

Mike Gillis [00:02:16]:

Least favorite color? Well, I never wanna see something in the red, so I would have to see red, right?

John Garrett [00:02:22]:

I love this, man. You’re going deeper level on this stuff.

Mike Gillis [00:02:25]:

Yeah, I don’t like to see do anybody’s account or anything in the red? So I’m gonna say my red is my least favorite for sure.

John Garrett [00:02:31]:

No. Fair. All the NC State fans, you heard him. There we go. How about a favorite animated character or Disney character? Either one.

Mike Gillis [00:02:41]:

I guess it’s gotta be Mickey Mouse. Right? I mean, you know, how could it not be? I actually, I remember doing a behind the scenes tour at Disney. And I said, is it true you never see more than 1 Mickey Mouse? And they’re like, of course it is. You know why? Because there’s only 1 Mickey Mouse. So it’s got to be that for sure.

John Garrett [00:02:58]:

That’s impressive. Yeah. I never even thought about that, when you go to the park, that’s yeah. Alright. This is gonna be a fun one. Your first concert.

Mike Gillis [00:03:06]:

This is really weird, to be honest with you. I bet it was KISS in 1976 in full makeup, yes.

John Garrett [00:03:12]:

Nice. Yes. That’s incredible.

Mike Gillis [00:03:15]:

Civic arena in Pittsburgh, 1976. I was 16 years old, growing up on the farm, and here we are, trucking into Pittsburgh to see the kiss in full makeup.

John Garrett [00:03:25]:

That’s awesome. Yeah. That’s incredible, man. I love it. That’s so cool. I love that that question. It’s one of my favorites. How about a favorite actor or an actress?

Mike Gillis [00:03:35]:

Actor or actress? I mean, it’s hard to beat Dan Aykroyd or, Will Ferrell in some of those guys. I mean, I can watch them over and over and over again and laugh at the exact same things they did that I laughed at 15 times earlier.

John Garrett [00:03:50]:

Right? Exactly. And sometimes Will Ferrell, I think, plays the same character in all the movies, but it’s still funny.

Mike Gillis [00:03:55]:

It still is. That’s exactly right.

John Garrett [00:03:57]:

Yeah. It it still works. Totally. Good pick, man. How about Star Wars or Star Trek?

Mike Gillis [00:04:02]:

Definitely Star Trek. I grew up watching Star Trek. I’d come home from work and turn on Captain Kirk, and I would watch captain Kirk. And that’s why forever he was captain Kirk to me. I couldn’t watch him in anything else. Right? So definitely Star Trek for sure.

John Garrett [00:04:17]:

Yeah, okay. How about puzzles? Sudoku, crossword, jigsaw puzzle?

Mike Gillis [00:04:23]:

Oh my gosh. I’m not much of a puzzle guy, to be quite honest with you. Okay. I don’t know if I don’t have the patience or what, but my wife sometimes let’s still puzzle it to when because it’s raining at the lake and I’m like, oh my gosh. But

John Garrett [00:04:35]:

I’d rather go sit outside in the rain. Like

Mike Gillis [00:04:37]:

Exactly. Exactly.

John Garrett [00:04:39]:

Right? No. Fair. Totally fair. Are your computer a PC or a Mac?

Mike Gillis [00:04:45]:

Oh, it’s definitely a PC. I don’t know anything about a Mac at all. I don’t have an iPhone. I have Androids. I’ve never had an iPhone. I’m a p a PC guy for sure.

John Garrett [00:04:54]:

Yeah. No. I’m I’m totally the same. How about doing this so fun? Oceans or mountains?

Mike Gillis [00:05:00]:

So I’m gonna say mountains for sure because, you know, that’s where our lake house is in the mountains and everything.

John Garrett [00:05:05]:

That’s where the lakes are.

Mike Gillis [00:05:06]:

Yeah, exactly.

John Garrett [00:05:08]:

How about, ice cream? Do you get it in a cup or in a cone?

Mike Gillis [00:05:12]:

I like a cup. Yeah. I’d say a cup for sure.

John Garrett [00:05:15]:

No. No. It’s You make sure you don’t lose any then.

Mike Gillis [00:05:18]:

That’s exactly right, yeah.

John Garrett [00:05:19]:

How about pens or pencils?

Mike Gillis [00:05:22]:

Pens. I don’t even think I have a pencil anymore. I really don’t. Wow. All pens.

John Garrett [00:05:27]:

Yeah. No mistakes. I just I don’t have anything to erase.

Mike Gillis [00:05:30]:

That’s why my shreddin is so full all the time.

John Garrett [00:05:35]:

That’s hilarious. There you go. How about a favorite movie of all time?

Mike Gillis [00:05:39]:

So I’ll tell you. People are gonna really think I’m really weird for this, but this was filmed in Pittsburgh where I grew up, Flashdance. Do you remember that?

John Garrett [00:05:47]:

Oh, yeah. Totally remember that. I didn’t know that was filmed in Pittsburgh.

Mike Gillis [00:05:50]:

Yeah. Pittsburgh and the steel mills and everything, so Yeah. It’s gotta be that. And people ask me that sometimes and I’ll say flashes, my wife would just shake her head like I can’t believe he said that.

John Garrett [00:06:00]:

But you also don’t like dancing, so, like, you know right. Exactly. Outlawed it. It’s like, it’s No. That’s that was a great movie, man. Absolutely. And then there’s a story behind that was filmed in Pittsburgh. Absolutely, man.

Mike Gillis [00:06:12]:

There’s Absolutely.

John Garrett [00:06:13]:

You know, it can’t just be some rando. That’s a great answer. Oh, this is a fun one. Balance sheet or income statement?

Mike Gillis [00:06:19]:

Oh, 100% balance sheet. The balance sheet tells the entire story. Right? I love when the client sends you the income statement and they don’t send you your balance sheet, yes for the balance sheet. And you’re like, why do you need that? And I then I’m like, well, because I now know that you have 10,000,000 of debt

John Garrett [00:06:32]:

I didn’t see any income statement. Okay. Right? Right? That’s hilarious. Yeah. For sure, that’s where the bodies are buried. That’s what they say. Right?

Mike Gillis [00:06:41]:

Right. Exactly. Exactly.

John Garrett [00:06:43]:

Do you have a favorite number?

Mike Gillis [00:06:45]:

I don’t think I can think of a favorite number, to be honest with John. Fair. All of them.

John Garrett [00:06:50]:

Just in case you’re listening. Just positive ones, I guess. A mess

Mike Gillis [00:06:53]:

Yeah. Exactly. Definitely positive ones. Yes.

John Garrett [00:06:55]:

There you go. Okay. How about when it comes to books? Audio version, ebook, real book?

Mike Gillis [00:07:01]:

I’m still a real book guy. You know, I’m still a real book guy. So I will I’ve never converted to audio or ebooks. I’m still a real book guy. So I I still order books on Amazon the old fashioned way.

John Garrett [00:07:14]:

No. Definitely. And this is an important one, toilet paper roll, you go over or under?

Mike Gillis [00:07:19]:

Always over. If it’s under, I will stop and take time to turn it.

John Garrett [00:07:24]:

There you go. That’s awesome. There’s been several of of those people on the on the podcast before, even at Friends houses or wherever, they’re like, nope, flipping it around.

Mike Gillis [00:07:33]:

Yeah, exactly.

John Garrett [00:07:34]:

That’s awesome. And the last1, the favorite thing you have or the favorite thing you own?

Mike Gillis [00:07:40]:

Ah, that’s interesting. So I just bought a month ago. I’ve wanted 1 forever, and it’s pretty frivolous, but I did it anyway. I bought a a Jeep Rubicon 6 speed manual transmission.

John Garrett [00:07:53]:

Oh, yeah.

Mike Gillis [00:07:54]:

So it’s like, I I grew up driving a manual. And I I actually had a hard time finding it because I’d ask everybody. I said, I want a new Jeep, Rubicon, but I want a manual transmission. They’re like, are you crazy? I don’t even know if they make the manual anymore, but I finally found one. And so I’ve been driving it like crazy. It’s fun to drive for sure.

John Garrett [00:08:14]:

That’s a yeah. No no doubt, man. That’s incredible. That’s very cool. Excellent answer. That’s great. So I’m sure that ties in perfectly with lake life. So, like, let’s talk about that.

John Garrett [00:08:22]:

Did you You well, you grew up on a farm. So, like, how did this whole lake life and boating come about?

Mike Gillis [00:08:29]:

You know, it it came about a lot later in life because I did grow up on a farm and we really didn’t go to lakes or anything, but we take vacations to the ocean. So I liked I liked the beach and water and everything like that. But later, my wife, she actually had a place and and grew up going to the lake a lot, and was really into the lake life and everything like that. And so I went there and and just got hooked. I just absolutely loved it. And so it just became, the the biggest passion and and for fun for me. If I wake up, I’m at the lake, I’m happy. If I wake up one day, I’m and I’m at the lake and I’m not working, I’m even happier.

John Garrett [00:09:06]:

There you go. Yeah. No. Well, yeah. I mean, I would imagine during COVID, you got a lot of lake time. That’s the perfect time to be up there.

Mike Gillis [00:09:13]:

Oh, yeah. It is. And I still, you know, I never worked remotely much at all. But now I do from the lake occasionally, you know, 1 a day here and there. Because, you know, it’s funny on during the lake season, which starts on April 16th, of course.

John Garrett [00:09:28]:

The day after tax day. Exactly. My

Mike Gillis [00:09:31]:

wife and I will be like, hey, do you wanna go up? What time can you leave on Friday? And I’m like, oh, I can leave at lunchtime. And I’m like, what about Thursday night? And I’m like, she we’re like, yeah, we can leave Thursday night. Every now and then we’ll be like, how busy is your day on Thursday? Maybe we can move Wednesday night. So we do that as often as we can. It’s sort of like, you know, and every now and then we’ll be like, hey, we’re here on Sunday. I don’t have a real big day tomorrow. I think we’re just gonna hang out and stay tomorrow. And so anyway, it’s only an hour and a half drive from our home here in Greensboro.

Mike Gillis [00:10:04]:

So it’s easy to get there. And we just, you know, it’s absolutely it’s the best blood pressure medicine for sure for me, a 100%. And I I walk in there, and I think my blood pressure goes down, and I’m just relaxed. It’s just just so much fun. And and my wife’s always looking at the weather, like, oh, the weather’s not gonna be good. I’m like, I don’t care what the weather is. As long as we’re there, it doesn’t matter if it’s cold, hot, raining, or anything like that, it just doesn’t matter to me.

John Garrett [00:10:30]:

That’s perfect. As long as the puzzles stay in the box, in the That’s right. For them, then we’re good.

Mike Gillis [00:10:35]:

That’s exactly that’s exactly right. Yeah.

John Garrett [00:10:38]:

But, I mean, I love that so much. I mean, you know, how many times in your life have you been like, oh, man. I wish we could do an extra 8 hours of work or, oh, man. I wish I could do an extra 10 tax returns or, oh, man. I wish you know, like, all these things that you’re thinking about lake life Because that’s a part of you that that you wanna feed more of, you know, and then that lights you up and you’re good at your job and you like your job absolutely and and the firm totally, But there’s another part to who Mike is, you know? And and good for you for finding that, 1, but 2, nurturing it, you know, and not ignoring it.

Mike Gillis [00:11:10]:

Yeah, no, it’s definitely in the blood now for sure.

John Garrett [00:11:14]:

Yeah. And do you have, like, favorite parts of being up there? I mean, I guess I mean, on the boat, I know I see on on social media, on occasion, you have, you know, boat pictures, which are incredible. But do you have some favorite moments over the years from when you’ve been up there?

Mike Gillis [00:11:27]:

So boating is fun anytime from first thing in the morning till like dusk, right? We go out for sunrise, for sunset. Of course, you know, so boating is fun going to our goal is sort of sometimes in the summer to say, when when you get there and park your car, you don’t get back in your car until you’re going home. Like, everything goes by boat. Right? That’s a cool weekend. Now, usually, no. You gotta run to the grocery store for this or run to your grocery store for this type of thing. But boating is definitely fun. I do some fishing, not a lot.

Mike Gillis [00:11:56]:

I’m not very good at it, but I do some and it’s a lot of fun. I like that. We have a kayak, we kayak, we have paddle boards. So the stand up paddle boards, and I always take a picture every year. I’m just like, one day I will not be able to do this, but today is not that day.

John Garrett [00:12:12]:

That’s that’s awesome.

Mike Gillis [00:12:14]:

Still able to paddleboard. And we have a little jet ski too that you can cruise around on.

John Garrett [00:12:19]:


Mike Gillis [00:12:20]:

Our neighbors right across the cove from us are big Virginia Tech fans. And I always bet him a a 12 pack of something every time Caroline plays Virginia Tech and no matter what the sport is, could be volleyball or whatever. And, I’ll either show up and there’ll be a 12 pack on my dock, or I’ll have to swim across and put a 12 pack on his dock.

John Garrett [00:12:41]:

That’s funny. I was gonna say, you probably have a pretty full fridge I’ve been doing lately. That’s awesome, man. That’s so cool. And do you feel like any of this gives you a a skill set or a mindset you bring to work above and beyond the personal blood pressure reduction and stress relief and mind checkout?

Mike Gillis [00:13:00]:

Oh, it absolutely 100% does. There’s no question about it. It really does. Because, you know, when you say there’s there’s a whole lot more than work, and I think about our staff and how hard they’re working and and how dedicated they are. And and I want them to to have something not I don’t mean lake house, but I mean, I want them to have time like I have at the lake where I’m totally disconnected and totally away from everything and and not thinking about it, and it’s so important to me that our staff has that too. And when they’re working really hard and getting up towards deadlines and everything, I talked to him about that. I’m like, man, I want you to have something like that you’re so passionate about just like I am I am about this that really just completely disconnects you and takes shoot to what’s really the most important thing.

John Garrett [00:13:43]:

No. And I love it. I mean, that that mentality and that that people centric leadership type of stuff, you know, of where, You know, like, my people matter and the human beings that work here, not just the, you know, technical skills side of them, but all the other parts of them and and that, you know, yeah, sure, there’s time. You know, we have deadlines. There’s work to be done now, but, you know, let’s talk about the things that light you up and your aunts and make sure that you make time for them after that’s done as well, you know, is is so crucial. And and for you to have that mindset, Like, where do you think that came from? Because it’s certainly not the norm, sadly enough.

Mike Gillis [00:14:19]:

You know, I mean, growing up and in public accounting. So I started public accounting right out of college and never did anything else. It’s the only thing I’ve ever done. And I’ve seen some people get burned out on it and really have, you know, stressful times and difficult times and and things like that. And and I’m like, you’ve got to have something that you’re passionate about outside of this. It’s really important. Yeah. Work is important and everything like that, because you gotta have something you’re passionate about outside of this.

Mike Gillis [00:14:46]:

And I talked to one of our managers maybe a month ago, and he said, you know, man, I taxis and I didn’t see my kids for 3 days. I’m like, hey. I’ve been doing this for 30 years, and there was never 3 days during taxis and I didn’t see my kids. You’ve gotta change that. You know? You’ve just completely gotta change that. So 10 years from now, you’re not gonna be happy, and you can’t rewind. There’s no rewind or redo. You’re just not

John Garrett [00:15:08]:

1 year from now, you’re not gonna be happy.

Mike Gillis [00:15:10]:

Yeah. Exactly. Right. Mean, you’re gonna

John Garrett [00:15:12]:

be terribly miserable 10 years from now. But, yeah, but you’re of no use to the firm, you know, when you’re not seeing your kids. Like, that’s crazy.

Mike Gillis [00:15:19]:

There’s no redo. You can’t, oh, well, I’ll go back and do that later type thing. Yeah, it’s impossible.

John Garrett [00:15:24]:

Right. No. Well, I mean, good for you for like Calling that out, I mean, like, what do we need to do to change that? Because clearly, the organization then is not, you know, meeting your needs, you know, because it’s a two way street.

Mike Gillis [00:15:37]:

Absolutely. And we are really passionate about after working with you so much on staff engagement and everything, we’re really passionate about it. And our chief engagement officer, which has a c suite position with our firm, is totally involved in employee engagement. And we’re doing everything we can to reduce hours and stress and just make people have happy working lives. So they’re just happier, and they enjoy what they do, and and they like it, but we also realize so much that, you know, there’s so much more that they are other than just being here and being accountants. Right? That’s really important. And, you know, ever since we did the session about with you about what you’re in, you know, it’s, you know, we get a new person. We had a new person start today, for example.

Mike Gillis [00:16:19]:

She’s not in our office. She she’s in a different office, but I found out she served in the marines. I’m like, oh my god, that is so cool. So I called her and I’m like, hey, wow, that’s, I haven’t even had a chance to obviously meet her face to face yet, because she just started. But I’m like, wow, that is just really cool. Tell me about how what you did and everything like that. And so, you know, it’s just we’re so much more conscious about wanting to talk to people about things other than work now. We’re just so much more conscious about that.

Mike Gillis [00:16:46]:

And it’s just a lot of fun. It really is.

John Garrett [00:16:49]:

Yeah. I was gonna say, like, what what’s the difference? I mean, because I know you can walk through and tell. I mean, there’s the difference is it’s, you know, night and day, but you you see that it matters?

Mike Gillis [00:17:00]:

Oh, a 100%, it definitely does. And people getting obviously get excited to talk about those type of things and really are like, wow, that’s really cool that you care about it. I mean, that’s you know, I’m like, of course we do, but

John Garrett [00:17:12]:

Right? Yeah. I’m not doing that many push ups, but it’s cool you were in the marines. You know? It gets tricky. You know? Like

Mike Gillis [00:17:17]:

That’s right. Yeah, unless the push ups are age weighted. Like, you’re 3 times younger than me. And so I Right. I do 10, you do 30. I do 10, you do 30.

John Garrett [00:17:27]:

Right. There you go. Even then, I’m checking out. I’m good. And how much do you feel like it is on the organization to create that space for people to Not only have their ants, but share them. Or how much is it on the individual to just maybe share amongst their peers and get started that way?

Mike Gillis [00:17:44]:

Well, it’s probably on both, but if the atmosphere of the organization doesn’t promote it, the individual’s not gonna do it, right? Because they’re gonna feel like they can’t do it or shouldn’t do it. And so if the atmosphere is getting and sitting in your office and grind out work and then go home, I mean, people are not gonna share those things because it just gonna feel like I do it? So I think it’s probably both, but it’s more on the organization to promote the atmosphere, to provide for people the opportunity to really want to do that. And I think it’s so cool when you walk in the break room and people are in there talking about what I did last weekend or whatever it is. I mean, because I just think it’s, you know, showing pictures of their kids, or what did I do last weekend? Or my fantasy football team beat yours really bad. I’m putting a note on the bulletin board. Right? Type

John Garrett [00:18:33]:

Yep. Yeah. Well, I mean, because that’s that’s people are alive. You know? Like, I mean, you know, they talking about work is is exciting sometimes, but sometimes it’s not. But talking about your aunt is Always awesome. Like even if you’re at the lake and it’s snowing, it’s still great. Like it’s still great.

Mike Gillis [00:18:50]:

Oh, 100%. We’d love it if it says that there for one thing is that means we probably aren’t gonna come home that day.

John Garrett [00:18:57]:

There you go. I love it, man. That’s awesome. But you’re so right. I mean, it’s just there’s humans here that have other dimensions to who they are, and that stuff lights them up just as much as work does, maybe more. And, you know, like, find out what that is. Like, they’re doing it anyway. Like, why don’t we know? Because it’s probably pretty cool.

John Garrett [00:19:16]:

It’s awesome, you know? And And then before you know it, you’re betting 12 packs with, you know, coworkers, then you got, like, now all of a sudden, like, you’re gonna have to buy an extra fridge because Carolina’s good at everything now. And then so it’s like it’s you’re like, why not? Let’s do this. That’s awesome. So do you have any words of encouragement to anyone who’s listening that, you know, maybe they feel like they have an end, but no one cares or and also too, I think it’s awesome when the CEO of the firm calls a brand new person To be like, hey. Hi. I see you. You know? It’s not you know, you bump into the CEO, you know, 9 months later on accident. Kudos to you for that too.

John Garrett [00:19:53]:

Like, that’s pretty awesome. And that would have never happened if those sides of her never, you know, were shared.

Mike Gillis [00:20:00]:

I think it’s really, really important for CEOs to provide the atmosphere that not only allows people to have those type of interactions. But promotes people to have those type of interactions. Right? I think it’s really, really rewarding. And and that’s certainly we we do the words the wisdom might have. If you wanna do everything you can to look to reduce your turnover, make your staff happier, make your employees bond better together and everything. Encourage that type of interaction to happen in the office and everything, you know. So that that’s certainly the the wisdom that I would try to depart on anyone for sure.

John Garrett [00:20:36]:

No. That’s awesome. And then, you know, all of that makes them more productive and helps the bottom line. You know? So it’s not just because it’s I mean, it’s part of it’s because it’s the right thing to do, but also the part of it is, well, it it makes business sense. You know, at the end of the day, it’s really that simple. So I feel like since I so rudely peppered you with questions at the beginning, it’s only fair that I turn the tables, make this the Mike Gilles podcast if you’d like, and I’m the guest. I’m all yours. If you have any questions you’d like to ask me, I’m on the hot seat here.

John Garrett [00:21:04]:

So if you have anything you’d like to ask.

Mike Gillis [00:21:07]:

So I do have a couple of questions for you, John, if you don’t mind. So by the way, this is October 17th, and I wonder what Notre Dame’s record is so far this year in football.

John Garrett [00:21:18]:

Yeah, pretty good. 52, I think. 42. Yeah, 52.

Mike Gillis [00:21:23]:

52. Okay. Is touchdown Jesus still there or are they gonna take him down?

John Garrett [00:21:27]:

Oh, plenty of touchdowns plenty of touchdowns. 1st down Moses is also there. Plenty of 1st downs. We got Fair Catch Corby. We got all the things. Like, it’s, it’s all good. It’s all good.

Mike Gillis [00:21:38]:

How’s the band doing this year, by the way?

John Garrett [00:21:40]:

Band is awesome. Band is awesome. So much better than USC’s band. We just beat them, And, man, USC Band is just the worst, and Okay. Everyone laughs so hard at how how adamant I am about all the band stuff. Yeah. It’s it’s true. The band is pretty good.

John Garrett [00:21:56]:

That’s for sure. They’re better than when I was there, and it’s probably because I’m not in there anymore. That’s probably why. That’s awesome. And kudos to Carolina football. That’s for sure. It’s always fun when teams like that pop up and have a really great year.

Mike Gillis [00:22:09]:

Well, thanks.

John Garrett [00:22:09]:

Well, Mike, thank you so much for being a part of What’s Your “And”? and just personally, for the support and encouragement to help me keep going as well. So, thank you so much.

Mike Gillis [00:22:18]:

Oh, I’m really happy too, and I really appreciate the opportunity.

John Garrett [00:22:25]:

And everybody listening, if you like see some pictures of Mike at the lake or maybe connect with him on social media, be sure to go to what’s your an.com. Everything’s there. And while you’re on the page, please click that big button you do the anonymous research survey about corporate culture. And don’t forget to check out the book. So thanks again for subscribing on Apple Podcasts or whatever app you use and for sharing this with your friends so They get the message that we’re all trying to spread that who you are is so much more than what you do.

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