Episode 603 – Will Hill

Will is a Consultant & Hiker

Will Hill, owner at Will Hill Consults, shares his passion for hiking and finding waterfalls with host John Garrett in episode 603 of What's Your "And"? He discusses how outdoor activities like hiking have energized him and provided a valuable perspective that he applies to his work. Will talks about his favorite hikes, including those in the redwoods and at Joshua Tree National Park, and how he incorporates his outdoor experiences into his speaking presentations. He also emphasizes the importance of both leadership and individuals in creating a space for people to share their "And." Tune in for this engaging conversation on the What's Your "And"? podcast!

Episode Highlights

· Finding outdoor activities that bring energy and relaxation is important.
· Pushing through challenges to reach an ultimate goal relates to resilience at work
· Trusting your team, as in observing wildlife, is a good analogy of collaboration
· Leadership should create space for individuals to share their “And.”
· Boldness and initiative are necessary for individuals to share their passions despite potential pushback

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Podcast Transcript

Will Hill [00:00:05]:
Hi. I’m Will Hill. And when I am not out hiking and finding waterfalls, I’m listening to What’s Your And with John Garrett.

John Garrett [00:00:17]:
Welcome to episode 603 of What’s Your And. This is John Garrett. And each Wednesday, I interview a professional who, just like me, It’s known for a hobby or a passion or an interest outside of work. And to put it another way, it’s encouraging people to find their and. Those things above and beyond your technical skills, the things that actually differentiate you when you’re at work. It’s the answer to the question of who else are you beyond the job title. And if you like what the show’s about, be sure to check out the award winning book. It’s on Amazon, Indigo, Barnes and Noble bookshop, a few other websites. All the links are at what’s your and dot com. The book goes more in-depth with the research behind why these outside of work passions are so crucial to your corporate culture, and I can’t say how much it means that everyone’s reading it And writing such great reviews on Amazon and more importantly, changing the cultures where they work because of it. And if you want me to read it to you, that’s right. This voice reading the book, look for what’s your and on Audible or wherever you get your audiobooks. And please don’t forget to hit subscribe to the podcast So you don’t miss any of the future episodes. I love sharing such interesting stories each and every week, and this week is no different with my guest, Will Hill. He’s the owner at Will Hill Consults, helping firms work through change to better serve their clients. And now he’s with me here today. Will, thanks so much for taking time to be with me on your aunt.

Will Hill [00:01:31]:
John, it is a pleasure to be here.

John Garrett [00:01:34]:
Oh, you’re lying. Just kidding. It was so fun hanging out at a conference couple of months ago

Will Hill [00:01:39]:
John, the other alternative network. So this is a pleasure. Are you kidding me?

John Garrett [00:01:43]:
No. No. I’m just kidding, man. It was so fun hanging out a couple of months ago in Boston at the, bot Keeper AI Unchained, which sounds way too cool for me to to be a part of, but it was so fun hanging out. So, I’m excited to, Yeah. To have you be a part of this. So I start out the shows with 17 rapid fire questions. Get to know questions I should’ve asked you when we were hanging out, but I didn’t wanna make it awkward. So, here we go. Understood. So do you have a favorite color?

Will Hill [00:02:11]:

John Garrett [00:02:12]:
Blue, solid. Mine too. Alright. How about a least favorite color?

Will Hill [00:02:16]:
I’m gonna go with chartreuse. Oh, interesting. Partly because I don’t know how to spell it.

John Garrett [00:02:21]:
That’s what I was gonna say.

Will Hill [00:02:23]:
The other part is if someone says, oh, that chartreuse, I’m scared I’m gonna get it wrong as to which one it really is.

John Garrett [00:02:29]:
Because I didn’t even know what it is. Like, yeah. No. That’s that’s cool. Alright. Alright. Fair. How about a favorite Disney character or animated character? I’ll take them I think they own them all by now. Goofy. Goofy solid answer.

Will Hill [00:02:42]:
Yeah. Tall, skinny, a little bit uncoordinated. I resemble that remark that particular item.

John Garrett [00:02:48]:
Right? That’s funny. You should get some residuals off of this. How about puzzles? Sudoku, crossword, jigsaw puzzle, Wordle, I guess, is the new one.

Will Hill [00:02:57]:
I’m going jigsaw puzzle.

John Garrett [00:02:59]:
Oh, okay. Yeah. Pictures. Absolutely. How about your 1st concert?

Will Hill [00:03:05]:
Boy, I think it was Petra.

John Garrett [00:03:07]:
Oh, wow. Okay. Very cool.

Will Hill [00:03:10]:
I could be wrong, but it it was a while ago, John.

John Garrett [00:03:12]:
No. That you remember. Yeah. No. Absolutely. I love going to concerts. That’s why it’s, like, such a fun question for me. That’s awesome. How about a favorite actor or an actress?

Will Hill [00:03:21]:
Oh, favorite actor or actress, I feel like my favorite actress is my wife every time she pretends to like me.

John Garrett [00:03:31]:
Good answer, man. Good answer. And the Oscar goes to, she’s still nailing it. She’s nailing it. She’s really method acting. She’s really into this part.

Will Hill [00:03:40]:
I’m 22 years in and still playing the role.

John Garrett [00:03:43]:
That’s impressive, man. That’s impressive. That’s that’s very good. I love it. How about Star Wars or Star Trek?

Will Hill [00:03:50]:
Star Wars.

John Garrett [00:03:51]:
Star Wars. Yeah. Me too. Easy. How about your computers, more PC or a Mac?

Will Hill [00:03:55]:
I’m a converted Mac guy.

John Garrett [00:03:58]:
Okay. Yeah.

Will Hill [00:03:59]:

John Garrett [00:04:00]:
Yeah. Yeah. I wouldn’t even know how to use a Mac if you put it in front of me. I would feel Amish.

Will Hill [00:04:05]:
Well, they’re easy. So

John Garrett [00:04:07]:
Oh, well, then alright. Alright. You’re like, well, I did it. Like, it’s like

Will Hill [00:04:11]:
The bar is low.

John Garrett [00:04:12]:
Right? No. No. No. We’re all good. Oh, this is a fun one as a Michigan guy. Oceans or mountains where you have neither?

Will Hill [00:04:18]:
Well, John, I relocated to Tennessee, and so

John Garrett [00:04:22]:
Oh, snap. Okay. So I

Will Hill [00:04:23]:
live in Tennessee. I’m still a Michigan fan, if we’re gonna talk football later, but mountains mountains are it. Except for the week of Thanksgiving, we always escape to a beach the week of Thanksgiving in the ocean.

John Garrett [00:04:35]:
Yeah. Yeah. Right. Okay. Alright. How about what’s a typical breakfast?

Will Hill [00:04:39]:
Typical breakfast. So I have to have 2 answers for this. If I’m at home, a typical breakfast is probably like a piece of sausage out of the freezer to heat up in the microwave, like, real quick, right, on a hotel on the road, man, give me an omelette.

John Garrett [00:04:58]:
Oh, okay. Alright. Yeah. Fancy. Alright. How about rain or snow?

Will Hill [00:05:04]:
Snow. You can do something with snow. I can at least round it up into a ball and pelt my kids. I mean

John Garrett [00:05:10]:

Will Hill [00:05:11]:
Throw at other objects.

John Garrett [00:05:13]:
Right? Like, rain is like, rain at night, Like, I’m happy to water the lawn, like, do whatever nature needs. Do it at night when, like, I’m sleeping, and then yeah. It’s like no one’s ever been like, man, I I wish it would rain more. It’s like, ugh.

Will Hill [00:05:27]:
You need to talk to more farmers, John.

John Garrett [00:05:30]:
Well, that’s true. That’s true. I guess you can tell I never did that. But how about ice cream? I’m a huge ice cream fan. Are you getting it in a cup, or are you getting it in a cone?

Will Hill [00:05:39]:
Cone. With a cup underneath it in case, like, it just gets messy, you

John Garrett [00:05:44]:
know, I’m gonna lose it. Okay.

Will Hill [00:05:45]:
Right? But sometimes you gotta turn it upside down and put it in the cup, but you gotta have the cone for some crunchy.

John Garrett [00:05:52]:
Yeah. No. Absolutely. And and then yeah. No. Absolutely. I I’m with you on this one. Well, since you have worked in the accounting space, a balance sheet or income statement?

Will Hill [00:06:01]:
Income statement.

John Garrett [00:06:03]:
You’re like, I don’t know. Whatever one you said last. I think it’s all good. Right? That’s the one I need for my taxes, so we’ll go that one. I think it’s

Will Hill [00:06:12]:
Look. If you don’t have enough of the income statement, the balance sheet’s pretty irrelevant.

John Garrett [00:06:18]:
That’s the point right there. There you go right there. That’s awesome. How about, a favorite number?

Will Hill [00:06:24]:

John Garrett [00:06:25]:
Yeah. Is there a reason?

Will Hill [00:06:28]:
So I’ve always just kinda picked 11 when I’m wearing, like, insured for sports or whatever, I think it started when I won a number 1 and so did my brother in baseball, Little League. And they printed us each shirt with number 1, which is confusing because we have the same last name. And, so I was like, well, maybe if I just put another one next to it, I’ll be 11. And then I was like, oh, Isaiah Thomas was 11. And I started thinking about the tigers, and I was like, sparky ant. Well, okay. It’s been like, I don’t know. Whatever. We’ll just stick with Isaiah. So

John Garrett [00:07:02]:
There we go. We don’t wanna date ourselves. I can’t tell you. That’s hilarious. How about when it comes to books? Audio version, ebook, or real book?

Will Hill [00:07:10]:

John Garrett [00:07:11]:
RealBook? Yeah. Me too. Yeah. Although I’ve I’ve started to pick up on the on the audio version just recently because you can multitask. So I can be doing something, you know, cleaning the house or making breakfast or whatever and listening, get a 30 minutes of a book in, But definitely, The Real Book is, I don’t know, more effective. It maybe just takes longer. And the last one, the favorite thing you have or the favorite thing you own?

Will Hill [00:07:35]:
John, I’m I’m gonna go serious for a moment, but it’s probably my bible.

John Garrett [00:07:39]:
So Okay. Yeah. Fair. Totally fair. Well, how’d you did you get it as a kid? Or

Will Hill [00:07:45]:
yeah, the one particular, I actually got when I was 1st year of college. But, yeah, I’ve always just been, certainly take that aspect of my life seriously, and, yeah, something I lean on.

John Garrett [00:07:56]:
No. That’s that’s awesome. Yeah. And something you’ve had for a while.

Will Hill [00:07:59]:
Yes. Again, we’re not dating ourselves. Yeah.

John Garrett [00:08:02]:
Right. Right. Exactly. Exact well, I mean, you know, like, I wasn’t around when they wrote it, but, like, you know, I’m not that old. Like, it’s Right. So let’s talk going outdoors and all this. So, like, how did you did you grow up doing a lot of outdoors things, hiking and things like that?

Will Hill [00:08:21]:
Not a ton. Like, I feel like whenever we went hiking somewhere as a kid, I felt like it was always kind of a forced thing. I said, Gurt, Michigan, so we go up we go up north and, you know, end up in the UP for a little while or or places in Northern Michigan, we do some hiking and stuff. But it was never one of those things like, hey, I’m looking forward to going and doing this. But like most kids of the eighties nineties, here I go dating myself I wouldn’t, you know, there wasn’t as much indoor stuff to do. Right? So you’re outdoors just kinda quite a bit and naturally. And, you know, John, we had the we had the pleasure of meeting a few years ago virtually, and I started thinking about this. Like, what’s your and of concept and

John Garrett [00:09:09]:

Will Hill [00:09:09]:
Man, I I struggled with, like, what is it, especially when you threw the rule out there a lot like it can’t be your kids or family. Right? Like

John Garrett [00:09:18]:
Well, like, yeah, because I want something selfish. Yeah. Like, something for you. You know? Right.

Will Hill [00:09:22]:
And so I wrestle with that. I mentioned you asked favorite book, I said, well, I wrestle a while. Like, hey. Is it is it my church stuff? Well, then I started thinking about it like, well, according to the rules, it can’t be work. So if I were to go to the pastor of the church, say what should he can’t say it’s church, so that that maybe that doesn’t quite qualify. And when you have a conversation, part of the humanizing, right, is like when I go have a conversation with someone at church, part of it is we want to connect on a level that is deeper. And it’s not just about what were we happen to be. Same philosophy as we happen to be at work. And so it’s been a process for me to kinda figure out really what that is and to make that matter to me.

John Garrett [00:10:06]:
Man, that well, I mean, it means a lot. I mean, that my little earworm got in there, and you couldn’t, like, get it out. You know? That type of thing like this.

Will Hill [00:10:14]:
And, usually, we wanna get earworms out. Like, I’m just

John Garrett [00:10:17]:
Well, you know, obviously, you’re a dad and you’re a professional at this. You’re like, no. No. Get those out. Get those out of there. But, like, it’s one of those things that just spoke to a deeper part of you that’s like, hey, this matters, and I need to figure this out Because it’s it’s like a puzzle piece is missing sort of a thing as the way someone described it to me once, and I was like, oh, wow. Alright. And so what was that what was that journey like, or how did you go about it?

Will Hill [00:10:43]:
So I think some of that for me was just saying, well, what do I what do I have fun doing? Right? So I was like, well, I love sports. And, you know, I could talk sports forever if I wanted to, but I mostly watch them. I played some basketball recreationally and continue to be terrible to this day, I hate to, you know, have fun with it. Right? I do a little bit of golf, even worse of that right? So I show some of my golf scorecard and my bowling score, and I get have them guess which one is which. They’re both right around a100, so so they’re terrible, equally terrible. No one knows That’s which one I was this from. That’s awesome. Then COVID hit, John. And so, you know, a lot sports, gone.

John Garrett [00:11:30]:
Yeah. Even to watch them most

Will Hill [00:11:31]:
of the time. Right? So then we’re like, what is it? What am I doing? And we started traveling as a family, some during that time, it was the cheapest time ever to go travel, by the way. Right. No one else was doing it. It was fantastic.

John Garrett [00:11:47]:
Yeah. Yeah.

Will Hill [00:11:49]:
And we started going all over the country. My wife loves being outdoors, wanted to, you know, get the kids engaged with nature and and I was all for it, then I realized how much energy it was giving me. And to me, that was like a separation of something I enjoy doing brings me relaxation. Watching a Michigan pound somebody in the football field or basketball court brings me relaxation. It doesn’t energize me, though. But being outside, hiking, chasing waterfalls, all those, I ignored all the advice from TLC in the nineties.

John Garrett [00:12:22]:
I was gonna say I was gonna call you out on that, but I figured you did it yourself. Good for you. Like, it’s

Will Hill [00:12:29]:
but that that kinda thing, we’ll go do a 4 mile hike, find some find a waterfall, some beaten path somewhere, get back, and I’m like, alright. I’m tired, but I feel good. I’m energized, and this is great. And that’s where it’s like, this is that real distinction for me of something I really enjoy and wanna do because it gives me energy versus something to just shut the brain off and and sit and chill.

John Garrett [00:12:55]:
Yeah. No. I love it. And both of those are fine, actually. Right. You know, as ands because it’s it’s something, but but you actually have, like, a tiered system, Which is great, where there’s the relaxation ands and then there’s the energizing ands, which is next level, man. And I love it. And and, you know, going back to your Your golf and the bowling and, you know, where it’s like, I, you know, I stink at these, and it’s like, well, that’s totally cool, man. Like, you’re supposed to. You’re not a professional athlete. Like, you’re supposed to not be good at of this, but you do it anyway because it brings you joy, you know, which is great. But then, you know, in the in the hiking, that’s that’s such a great Journey you went on of, like, hey. Let’s actually find this, and let’s do this. And then once you once it hit, you were like, this is it. This is it. That John Garrett guy can get off my back now. Like, that’s that guy’s problem.

Will Hill [00:13:39]:
You know, and it’s funny. When when you find it, you also go back in your own personal history and say, oh, man. How did I not see this? So my wife and I took a trip to Hawaii several years ago. Uh-huh. Technically, my middle daughter went as well my wife was pregnant, so she tries to claim

John Garrett [00:13:55]:
she was in Hawaii,

Will Hill [00:13:56]:
but, don’t don’t think that counts. But there’s this thing you can do on one of the islands where it’s called the road to Hana. I don’t know if you’ve ever

John Garrett [00:14:07]:
Oh. Done this before. It’s on Maui. It’s in

Will Hill [00:14:09]:
Maui. Thank you. Maui.

John Garrett [00:14:10]:
Yeah. Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah.

Will Hill [00:14:12]:
This is a big part of that. It’s like we drove this road, and you go nowhere because the Hana is just a kind of a nothing town at the end. But what makes it fun is you pull off to all these places, and you go hike down with amazing views, different waterfalls, and views of the ocean, all these other things that are going on. Uh-huh. And it was doing things like that after I’ve said, hey. This is kind of that and for me. Like, oh, I’ve been doing it here and here and here. Like, oh, I wish I would’ve seen it a little bit sooner.

John Garrett [00:14:40]:
Yeah. I mean, that’s the thing that I find with most people talking about their hands is they’re doing it. They just don’t recognize that it matters to them, And if you’re like, that’s cool. Whatever. Which is 99% of the time when I say, you know, do a tax return or do this kind of engineering work or whatever their job is, they’re like, yeah. Fine. I’ll get over it. Whatever. But if I say, you can’t ever go hiking again, you can’t ever go see another waterfall again, you’re like, that’s gonna hurt, You know, type of thing. And and so that’s that’s the thing is is it’s it’s a much deeper, richer richer part of who you are, And your job is always changing. You’re getting promoted. You’re going to a different organization. Whatever it is, the technology’s chain everything’s changing in your work all the time, But your and is that eye of the hurricane. It’s your rock. It’s always there for you and, you know, like hiking, and and it’s one of those things that’s sneaky, like you said, Where it’s just it’s right over your shoulder. You just don’t know the whole time, and you’re like, ah, man, should have appreciated it more along the way. But now you have, and Right. Now you got it. So that’s awesome, man, do you have some favorite hikes that you’ve done?

Will Hill [00:15:55]:
So I would definitely say we did a lot of them when we went out west. Just through the redwoods was just amazing. I would say, though, one of my favorite we like to go to national parks with the kids and so on, but if you’ve ever been to Joshua Tree National Park

John Garrett [00:16:13]:
Oh, yeah. Totally. Those trees are like doctor Seuss trees.

Will Hill [00:16:16]:

John Garrett [00:16:17]:
It’s like it’s in all the rock

Will Hill [00:16:19]:
formations, most national parks, if you put a foot off the path, like, there are government agents there to take you down. But Joshua Tree is the one where it’s like you’re allowed to just kinda go wherever. Right? And so some of that was it caused up some heart palpitations with my wife watching my, you know, at the time, 11 year old son, like, 50 feet in the air on some rock going, how on earth did he get up there? And if we have to go help him, we’re not getting up there. Right? But

John Garrett [00:16:48]:
Right. But

Will Hill [00:16:49]:
it’s just, again, it’s some of that freedom and then being able to see things from a different perspective as you as you hike around and go somewhere, take a turn around the corner, all of a sudden, it’s an angle you never thought was gonna be there. So we had a lot of fun with Joshua Tree and and hiking through there.

John Garrett [00:17:04]:
That’s cool.

Will Hill [00:17:04]:
There’s some great waterfalls through Tennessee, of course, all the mountains through here, but love Falls Creek Falls. If if anyone’s ever been to Falls Creek Falls in Tennessee, it’s phenomenal there, and there’s some great stuff off of Snake River in Idaho as well too.

John Garrett [00:17:20]:
Oh, yeah. Yeah. And Snake River, it comes down through Utah too. Yeah. Yeah. Mhmm. That’s awesome, man. Very cool. I love it, man. That’s that’s so great. And do you do you feel like like the outdoors part of you, there’s a skill that you bring from that To work, or is it more of the energizing brain release type of thing? Or or is there a skill that you’re getting that you bring?

Will Hill [00:17:41]:
I don’t know if it’s a skill, John, but certainly, there’s a perspective from going out and saying, hey. I gotta push through this to get to the ultimate place, and then you gotta push through, you find the hard place, and it was like, oh, that was worth the effort. So being reminded that something is worth the effort, I think, is is valuable there. And then also just trusting your team. So, John, I don’t know if you ever go hunting, hunt, if you or any of your audience goes hunting and you’re like, you know, I could use help seeing the animals. My youngest has, like, this we’ll be driving, and she’ll see something forever far away. Like, it’s right over there. Like, you’ve got to be kidding me. How do you even see that right now? Right? And so, just, hey. There’s a sense of someone else sees something I don’t see, and that’s just a good reminder, I think, for especially the works that I do helping firms out

John Garrett [00:18:35]:
Yeah. No. And and and and it’s even better that it’s your youngest. So, you know, it’s At at at an organization, it’s the intern. It’s the staff. It’s, you know, it’s somebody that hasn’t been around forever.

Will Hill [00:18:46]:
And she got hated on it first too for it. Right? Like, every we drive like, no. That’s not it. They go to my oldest, like, what do you see out there? Because I know my eyes are older. And he’s like, she’s right. Pretty soon, like, 3 or 4 of those were, like, okay. Quit discouraging the kid. She’s right every time. Let’s just believe her instantly. We didn’t say let’s believe her instantly because, you know, she is only 8 right now, so she would take that to the extreme. But

John Garrett [00:19:10]:
Exactly. Exactly. That’s awesome though. But what a what a great example, You know, of something that just a mindset to bring to work, and and and I love it. And is this something that you share with with colleagues?

Will Hill [00:19:22]:
So, yeah, I will I will use a lot of this in different examples that I do. Of course, running my own firm, I I share it with myself, and so I’m my own kind internally. But in client interactions, I think it’s it’s very valuable. I do a lot of stories as part of my speaking presentations. In fact, I’ve got one called finding your flow in constant chaos, and I use the role of the white water rafting guide as guys, the acrostic I use to kinda completely flush out how do we find our flow and chaos. So I’m trying to use those experiences and that enjoyment which makes it easier to do the work because it’s more fun.

John Garrett [00:20:03]:
Absolutely, man. And then that comes across. The energy and the excitement that you have, it’s it’s infectious. Like, people can can sense that, you know, and and that’s fantastic, man. I I love it. I guess, how much do you feel like it’s It’s on an organization to create that space because I know, you know, in in your career, you’ve worked at larger organizations as well. How much do you feel like it’s on an organization or leaders to create that space people to share their hand? And how much is it on the individual to maybe just start amongst their peers in this little small circle?

Will Hill [00:20:33]:
So I I I think that is very much rests on leadership in the organization to show that it matters. Right, just to say, hey. Here’s a space. Go do this, but then not participate, not shift other expectations if that space is a certain day and time of what else has to happen, all of those things that don’t actually support the action. It’s like, you know, say, hey. We don’t want you working late at night, but then leadership sends all their emails at 10 PM. Okay. Oh, really? You don’t want me working late at night? Are you sure? Right? And that’s something I used to be guilty of, John. Right? Then I learned about delayed delivery. Exactly. But it matters as to how I set the stage. But individuals have to take a little bit of a bold step and say, I’m gonna believe them, and I’m gonna bleed this. So I’m gonna step out. I’m gonna share a little bit about it. And if I get shot down, then I understand a lot more about a company, then if I never would have tried.

John Garrett [00:21:34]:
No. I love it, man. That’s so awesome. Such great advice and great experience that shared here of of just finding your hand and realizing how important it is. It’s so awesome, man. I appreciate you being a part of this for sure, but I feel like before we wrap this up, since I rudely peppered you with questions at the beginning, I feel like it’s only fair that I turn the tables. You’ve, of course, had your own podcast, so you know the drill, But the Will Hill podcast, thanks for having me on. I appreciate being a guest. So whatever you got, I’m all yours.

Will Hill [00:22:04]:
John, you’ve said that you’ve played in the bands. What instrument did you play?

John Garrett [00:22:09]:
Yeah. Trombone in the University of Notre Dame Marching Band. There you go. Trombone 2 in particular because I wasn’t so amazing to be first trombone 1, but whatever. It’s all good. Alright. I was more of a marcher than a player. Let’s be honest. I guess

Will Hill [00:22:25]:
That’s fair. That’s fair. Cheesiest corollary between music and an audit report or tax return, whichever one you feel like doing.

John Garrett [00:22:36]:
Oh, the cheesiest Corollary? Like, what would be

Will Hill [00:22:40]:
Like, if a tax return was a musical instrument, it would be which and why.

John Garrett [00:22:44]:
Oh, yeah. No. If a tax return Was a musical instrument, it would probably be a trumpet player because they are very Particular about all of the things, they’re, like, way too into it. And they also think that they’re the center of attention because they always have the melody. And but, yeah, I would probably say I’d probably say that because, all the tax people, they think that their thing. And in one stroke of a pen from Congress, and they would all be out of a job. But, you know, hey. Like, it’s it’s whatever you guys wanna think is important, all for it. Like, it’s

Will Hill [00:23:23]:
Nice and gentlemen, the vindictive side of John Garrett.

John Garrett [00:23:26]:
Only because I I was an audit guy. I I don’t know. I don’t even know how to don’t even do my own taxes now. I don’t even know how they work. I got a c plus in college, and I was like, I’m out. I’m never doing this again. And, like, so I’ve never seen them outside. I I think they live in the off I don’t even know if they’re allowed to go outside. I’m not sure. But yeah. So and if you’re a trumpet player, yeah, you know. You know. Okay. That’s how it is. That’s a funny question, though. I’ve never thought of that before.

Will Hill [00:23:55]:
Very good. Very good. Well, thanks for letting me ask you a couple questions.

John Garrett [00:23:59]:
Hey. No. Absolutely, man. And thank you for being a part of What’s Your Hand. This is so much fun to to have you be a part of this, and I look forward to catching a hike with you sometime soon.

Will Hill [00:24:08]:
Absolutely, John. Thank you.

John Garrett [00:24:13]:
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