Common questions and answers about John and his programs.

Were you really a CPA?

Yes! I passed the exam and was certified in Illinois with certificate #79,558 while working at PwC.

As a speaker and consultant, how are you different?
Having spent several years in both public accounting and industry allows me to create an immediate connection with your audience because I have literally been in their seats.
My material is original, based on my experiences and the experiences of others, and validated through years of research. This combination creates real-time, evolving and relevant content, which can be customized to help you achieve your goals of having a lasting impression long after the event is over.What outcomes can I expect?First, my message is unique and designed to inspire and energize people. An exceptional keynote sets the tone for the rest of the event, leaving people receptive and invigorated throughout the day. This helps ensure they remember the content delivered, which is the whole reason you are having the event. During the planning process we will discuss your goals and how I can customize my presentation to help meet these goals. Other clients have reported outcomes such as increased employee engagement leading to reduced staff turnover, better relationships with clients and staff, and more.How do you feel about accountants and consultants?I think they’re awesome! I’m so frustrated at the stereotype that these are boring people because they are all so fascinating, with hobbies and passions that make them even better at their jobs. This is the whole reason I started the Green Apple Podcast – to shatter this ridiculous stereotype! Please let me know if there’s someone you know who should be on the show.How long is your keynote program?

My typical performance is 45-60 minutes, but I can be very flexible depending on your needs. While some of my engagements have gone a little longer, I always want the audience to be left wanting more.

Are you able to emcee our event?Definitely! I’ve got plenty of experience as an emcee, working in humorous elements as needed while introducing other speakers or handing out awards. You can read more about this here.How do you customize your shows?Getting to know more about your organization and the people working there is my favorite part of each show. I typically schedule a conference call with you and your committee about four weeks before the event. I’ll send my Pre-Program Questionnaire to help you generate some ideas and to use as an agenda for our call.What if my HR department is anxious about hiring someone funny?As a professional member of the National Speakers Association, I take my role in your event very seriously. I sat in the audience of these events many times when I worked in the corporate world, so I know what it takes to make them successful. Plus my message is very serious, so I find wrapping it in an emotion, such as humor and laughter, helps it be absorbed by the audience. I always review my customized material with you in advance to ensure the show will be enjoyable for everyone.What was your public accounting experience?I worked for PwC on Internal Audit and Merger & Acquisition projects. I was even promoted to Senior Associate! You can read more about my accounting career on my LinkedIn profile.Do you keep up with your CPE credits?Uh, no. Mostly because no one in their right mind is going to ask me to sign a tax return or financial statement. Although my speaking often counts for “personal development” CPE credits, so I’m helping everyone stay up with theirs.

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