Episode 323 – Joel Lacayo

Joel is an Account Executive & Community Builder Joel Lacayo talks about his passion for charity and non-profit work helping fellow immigrants like himself find contacts and develop professional skills for building careers! Episode Highlights • Getting into his first […]


Episode 321 – Heather Smith

Heather is an Accountant & World Traveler Heather Smith talks about her passion for traveling around the world and how it helps her with developing relationships and standing out among the competition! Episode Highlights • Getting into traveling • Immersing […]


Episode 318 – Clayton Oates

Clayton is an Accounting Technologist & Gardener Clayton Oates returns to the podcast to talk about how he is satisfying his travel bug through the pandemic, his gardening, helping small businesses, and taking time for yourself! Episode Highlights • Places […]


Episode 304 – Trent Mclaren

Trent is a Strategic Partnerships Manager & Latte Connoisseur Trent returns to the podcast from episode #90 to talk about how he has been dealing with not being able to travel recently, why Australian coffee is the best in the world, […]


Episode 268 – Ron Seigneur

Ron is an Accountant & Clown John visits Ron’s office in Denver to follow up on his latest adventures as part of the Distinguished Clown Brigade, taking on the role of Santa Claus, and writing a book on the cannabis […]


Episode 254 – Belicia Cespedes

Belicia is a CPA & Snowboarder Belicia returns to the podcast from episode 37 to update us on her latest hobbies including snowboarding, travelling, and going to the shooting range! She also talks about how she has noticed a change […]