Episode 555- Karl Hebenstreit

Karl is an Executive Coach & Children’s Book Author Karl Hebenstreit, Principal Consultant for Perform & Function, LLC., talks about his passion for writing business and children’s books. Karl talks about how his writing helps with his career, having support […]


Episode 553- Melissa Romo

Melissa is a Marketer & Writer Melissa Romo, author, and VP of Global Marketing at Sage, talks about her journey to realizing her passion for writing, taking the leap to pursue it full-time, how it helped her find her current […]


Episode 541- Clint Murphy

Clint is a CFO & Writer/Podcaster Clint Murphy, CFO of Mosaic Homes, talks about discovering his passion for writing and podcasting, how it has improved his communication skills, why it’s so important to always have an And, and much more! […]


Episode 306 – Meri Amber

Meri Amber is an Accountant & Musician Meri Amber returns from episode 77 to talk about her move to being a musical comedian full-time, some of the awesome comic conventions she has performed at, and how she has continued to […]


Episode 277 – Erin E Kidd

Erin is an Accountant & Writer Erin Kidd talks about how she found her passion for writing when she first started at Thompson Greenspon and how she found it to be a great way to communicate and relate to clients! […]


Episode 228 – Ingrid Edstrom

Ingrid is the Priestess of Profits & Writer & Musician The Priestess of Profits, Ingrid Edstrom, returns to the podcast from episode 54 to tell us about her recent professional achievements and her journey of shifting her business towards consulting. […]