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Episode 417 – Geraldine Carter

Geraldine is a Business Strategist/Coach & World Traveler Geraldine Carter, owner of She Thinks Big Coaching, talks about her passion for traveling, how it runs in her family, some of her favorite trips, and how her experiences traveling play a […]


Episode 411 – Kaitlyn Kirkhart

Kaitlyn is an Executive & World Traveler Kaitlyn Kirkhart, CCO of BaCo Tech, talks about discovering her passion for traveling, how she is known for her passion in the workplace, and how she realized why it is so important to […]


Episode 342 – John Bly

John is an Accountant & World Traveler John Bly returns to the podcast from episode 152 to talk about how he maintained his passion for traveling through the pandemic and how it has affected people being more open about their […]