What’s Your “And”?

John Garrett is a catalyst for corporate culture change. He’s on a mission to help teams break down barriers, foster unity and strengthen bonds.

No matter where you are in your career, it’s important to differentiate yourself to achieve your goals. The future professional doesn’t define expertise simply in college degrees and certifications. They have passions outside of work that enhance their ability to develop stronger levels of trust with colleagues and clients. Through hilarious stories and extensive research, John encourages everyone to share their passions because they are the very heart of your organization’s culture.

John Garrett

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John’s upcoming book on compelling individuals that make corporate cultures unique–and successful.

Imagine if you were to take every individual out of your organization and replace them with other people with the same training and technical skills. Sure, the end work product would be the same but it’s a completely different firm or company because it’s full of people with different personalities and different outside-of-work interests.

Scheduled for release in September 2020, John Garrett’s upcoming book WHAT’S YOUR “AND”? explores the workplace differences that make corporate cultures unique.

Shatter the stereotype.
Making culture a priority shows that the organization is dedicated to fostering an environment where engagement is the norm.

What to help? You can take John’s 2-minute anonymous survey on corporate culture. Find it here.



Meet the people with amazing outside interests and talents who are a shot in the arm to their corporate culture.

John Garrett’s research involves talking with rock star professionals who realize that who you are is much more than what you do. Accountants, consultants, lawyers and other professionals everywhere are doing some cool things after they leave the office. We discuss how these outside-of-work interests impact their career.

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What’s Your “And”?



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