Episode 407 – Mark Menezes

Mark is a CPA/Consultant & Comedian & Piano Player Mark Menezes, talks about his passions for playing piano and stand-up comedy. He also talks about how easy it is to relate to co-workers through these hobbies whether they share them […]


Episode 271 – Shaun Hunley

Shaun is a Technical Editor & Comedian Shaun Hunley talks about getting into comedy and how it helped him overcome shyness in the office. He also discusses how he overcame the fear of what other people in the office thought […]

Music Videos

Manager-Music Video

Manager (parody of “Firework” by Katy Perry) Written by John Garrett. http://thejohngarrett.com Directed and edited by hayman studio. http://haymanstudio.com. Vocals by Hugh Wilson. http://hugmusic.net/ Shot on location at RKL in York, PA. http://www.rklcpa.com/Thanks to RKL’s office in York, PA for […]


Episode 208 – Greg Kyte

Greg is a Comptroller and Stand-Up Comedian Greg Kyte returns from episode 3 to discuss with John their shared passion for comedy, update us on his stand-up career, his new live show, and shares stories on how he has applied […]


Episode 198 – Julie Incorvina

Julie is a CPA and a theatre producer Julie Incorvina is a CPA and Certified Fraud Examiner, currently celebrating 25 years with Redwitz, Inc. in Irvine, California. She has over three decades of experience in public accounting, specializing in audit […]


Episode 197 – Tom Bazley

Tom is an accountant and Civil War buff Tom Bazley, Managing Director of BDO USA, LLP, talks about his passion for researching American history. More specifically, the American Civil War! Tom talks about how he is able to establish a […]


Episode 196 – Twyla Verhelst

Twyla is an accountant and runner Twyla Verhelst is the Co-founder of Helm, a cash flow forecasting app and Co-founder of Twenty Eighty, an accounting firm in Calgary, Alberta. Twyla has entrepreneurial experience in accounting, advisory, and software with an […]


Episode 195 – Graeme Gordon

Graeme is a CEO, Yankees fan, and Shakespeare actor Graeme Gordon is a British former naval officer, now a CEO of Praxity – Global Alliance. He shares his stories of being introduced to baseball and falling in love with the […]


Episode 194.5 – Green Apple Slice

Green Apple Slices Finale This week, John and Rachel close out the “Green Apple Slices” segments and wrap up over 130 episodes together. The Green Apple Podcast did weekly “Green Apple Slices”, where John Garrett and Rachel Fisch discussed a […]


Episode 194 – Justin McAuliffe

Justin is an accountant, vacuumer, and rideshare driver McAuliffe CPA Enterprises. P.C. is a full-service accounting firm, specializing in Chart of Accounts organization and general ledger development and maintenance—with a focus on creating high-quality books and records to streamline the […]